Lakers “The real Champions”

The pass traveled almost the entire length of the court, from LeBron James at the Lakers’ free-throw line to Anthony Davis near the left sideline deep on the other end.

Davis started toward the baseline, only to suddenly spin counterclockwise around Robert Covington. Karl-Anthony Towns retreated to help, but not in time to stop Davis from throwing down a two-handed dunk.

What was most remarkable about that sequence midway through the first quarter was how unremarkable the play was in the context of the 142-125 demolition of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Or this season, for that matter.

The Lakers are making the extraordinary look routine. They have become the Harlem Globetrotters, and every other team is the Washington Generals.

Davis scored an effortless 50 points Sunday night at Staples Center. The Lakers improved to an easy 21-3, the best mark in the NBA.

A week earlier, their record could be downplayed as a reflection of their soft early-season schedule. They then went on a trip in which they downed the Nuggets in Denver and the Jazz in Utah.

Now, the question asked a week ago has to be asked again, except this time without the insinuation the Lakers might be frauds.

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